I want to be Rahab

Key text: Hebrews 11:31

We are not any different from Rahab who was a harlot, but was saved when the city of Jericho was destroyed.

Joshua 2:1-24 ~ Joshua sends spies to Jericho where they met Rahab. Rahab had heard all the stories of the Israelites and all their wins with their God who was always there for them. 

Rahab knew that the God of Israelites was not comparable to the gods in the city of Jericho. She was a prostitute, yet she knew that she had to protect this spies who had come to seek refuge in her house. 

Could the God of the Israelites look at me and see that I'm worth it? This was Rahab's question to herself as she hid the Israelites spies. 

Rahab recognized the power of God, even though she hadn't seen it, she had heard the stories and she believed in a God that was foreign to her. 

She asked the spies to remember her when the Lord gave the city to the Israelites. Rahab hid the spies at the rooftop of her house by faith.

Had she been caught with the spies, she'd have been charged with treason, for not only was a prostitute but a betrayer for her city and she would have been killed, but Rahab chose eternity. 

Rahab strikes a deal, with the spies that they pardon her and her family during the takeover and the spies agreed. Rahab made a deal not only one concerning herself but her whole family as well. 

When you pray to God, you need to believe that He had heard and He will deliver according to His time. All we need to do is wait upon Him, He will deliver. 

When Jesus meets you and sanctifies you, you don't go back to your previous sins, you are sanctified with His blood, and we need to go and sin no more.