The mission of the Chaplaincy Ministries is to minister spiritually to: Adventist students and staff in public and private (non – Adventist) institutions of higher learning i.e. colleges and universities, inmates and staff, the government forces, hospital staff and patients and staff in Secondary schools.

In this mission, the department conducts; Rallies, seminars, training on spiritual leadership and nurture, and on understanding the Bible.

The main emphasis is on remaining firm in Christian faith and Adventist beliefs regardless of the work one does, or the place one works.

The main work of Chaplaincy encompasses;

  • To the Students and Staff (faculty members): To establish them in the Bible and Adventist faith, in Evangelism and instill in them the sense of morality.

  • To the prison inmates and Staff: To enroll inmates in VOP lessons as a way of reaching them with the gospel and holding graduations for them. Conducting baptisms for those who accept the Adventist faith, total reformation and behaviour change as a result of receiving Christ.

  • To the armed forces: Encouraging them to be faithful both to God and to ‘Caesar’. Encouraging them in evangelism and to give them means to support evangelism.

  • To Hospitals: Reaching the patients with the gospel of Christ thus giving them hope. To enroll those who are able to read in VOP lessons. Encourage them to the Adventist Faith.