The Communication Department acts as a facilitator to all departments of the Church in witnessing to the community, as well as assist in getting its message to both internal and external publics. In order to do this, the department uses all available media, and produces content that is relevant to the Church.

Our work as a department, is to foster a clearer image of the church, its mission, activities and witnessing, so that many will become followers of Christ and members of His church.

The department has since established and employed the usage of communication platforms such as notice board, social media, that is, facebook page ( where we share highly synchronized information. Through creativity, we have also designed the church’s website ( not only to put our church into the world map, but also to share spiritual, encouraging information emanating from our various vibrant departments whose aim is to win souls for our Lord Jesus Christ as He directs in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) before He comes a second time.

As a church, we needed a website. It’s that simple. This media-driven world may be a bewildering place, and a church website may seem complicated and expensive, but still, there is needs for a church website. Here’s why. The church website:

  • Brings people to church. If someone wants to find an SDA church in this area, how are they going to find it? If your first answer is, “check the Yellow Pages” you’re wrong. Most people go straight to Google and get direction on where they can come to worship and fellowship.
  • Connects not only its members, but also other people. Fellowship takes place even when people aren’t physically together. Church websites give members a way to interact and fellowship throughout the week. This kind of interaction helps build unity.
  • Organizes church events. It enables church members to stay up to date with the church’s events, e.g. scheduled campout, Sabbath and Sunday events or programmes.
  • Answers questions about the church. People have all kinds of questions about churches. Music? Schooling? Denomination? Bible version? How can you answer all these questions? Two words:  church website.
  • The church’s testimony. Within seconds of accessing this resource (website), a person forms opinions about your church—for better or worse. A church website, is a great way to communicate a good testimony of the church.
  • Broadcasts our message globally. Instantly, without buying a ticket, experiencing jet lag, or eating airline food, Mwangaza church will reach as far as Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Regardless of its size, our church can spread its message worldwide.
  • Stores our media. It gives you a digital media library. Storing sermon recordings online is a great way to increase the longevity and reach of sermons (catching up).
  • The church website gives our church the relevance necessary to communicate today. This generation has witnessed the launch of the digital age. Creating a church website is the primary means of jumping on the information superhighway and reaching our generation for Christ.

A church website is an unprecedented way for our church to get online.