Interest Coordinator

Director Eld. Jared Ogeto

It is important that the many interests developed through the church's missionary outreach be cared for promptly hence need for this department. The duties involved in this department include:

  • To keep an organized list of all interests received by the church from every source, such as Community Services, Ingathering, public evangelism, Bible studies, lay preaching and witnessing contacts, outreach (missionary) magazines, Sabbath School evangelism, literature evangelism, temperance and health evangelism, radio-TV, and church outreach (missionary) literature.

  • To assist the pastor and chairperson of the Personal Ministries Council in the enlistment and recruitment of qualified laity for follow-up service.

  • To render to the church board a monthly report on the number of interests received and the number followed up. When an interest is sufficiently developed, it should be shared with the pastor.