Elder's Council

Elders must be recognized by the church as strong spiritual leaders and must have good reputations both in the church and community. In the absence of a pastor, elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and by precept and example must seek to lead the church into a deeper and fuller Christian experience.              

Elders should be able to conduct the services of the church and minister in both word and doctrine when the assigned pastor is unavailable.

However, elders should not be chosen primarily because of social position or speaking ability, but because of their consecrated lives and leadership abilities. The office of the elders is therefore an important one and ranks as the highest in running of the church in the absence of the church pastor. The elder(s) should be or capable of;

  • Being religious leader of the church.
  • Capable of ministering the Word.
  • Ordination of local elder.
  • Training and equipping of local elders.
  • To foster all lines of church work.
  • Conducting church services.

    2018 Elder's Council comprises of the following;

Elder's Council Message (Ephesians 6:5-20)

Our standing before God depends, not upon the amount of light we have received, but upon the use we make of what we have.

He who begins with a little knowledge, in a humble way, and tells what he knows, while seeking diligently for further knowledge, will find the whole heavenly treasure awaiting his demand. The more he seeks to impart light, the more light he will receive. The doing principle is the fruit that Christ requires us to bear; doing deeds of benevolence, speaking kind words, and manifesting tender regard for the poor, the needy and the afflicted.

The humble worker who obediently responds to the call of God may be sure of receiving divine assistance. To accept so great and holy a responsibility is itself elevating to the character. It calls into action the highest mental and spiritual powers, and strengthens and purifies the mind and heart. Through faith in the power of God, it is wonderful how strong a weak man may become, how decided his efforts and how prolific of great results.

It is a universal principle that whenever one refuses to use his God-given powers, these powers decay and perish. Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue.The Acts of the Apostles, p. 206.

It is therefore the privilege that I take to warmly welcome you all, whoever you are and from wherever you come to share together and delight in growing closer to God through worship, bible study, prayer and participation in a variety of activities to strengthen our faith, heighten our knowledge of scripture and share the love of Jesus with the community, awaiting His second advent.