Church Clerk

Clerk Lameck Mito


Associate Clerk Millicent Alango

The church clerk's office is one of the administrative offices upon which much of the efficient functioning of the church depends. Its main mandate includes church's record keeping and reporting.

The clerk serves as the secretary of all the business meetings of the church and keeps correct record of all such meetings. If for any reason the clerk must be absent from any meeting, arrangements should be made for the assistant to be present to take the minutes of the proceedings. The clerk has no authority to add or remove names from the church list without a vote of the church. When a member dies the clerk at an early date, records the date of the death in the membership book.

This office handles correspondences between individual members and churches in the transferring of church membership and also keep in touch with absent members by correspondence. The office on authorization of the church board, issues credentials for all delegates elected to represent the church at any session of the local conference/mission/field and sends them promptly to the conference/mission/ field secretary.

It is the duty of the church clerk to furnish promptly certain reports. Some of these are annual, while others are quarterly. The information required for these reports are to be secured from heads of departments and from the clerk's own records.

The church clerk is the keeper of the church records which should be carefully preserved. All records and account books of the various church officers are the property of the church; they are to be surrendered to the newly elected clerk at the expiration of the term of office, or to the church at any time during the term on request of the pastor or elder.

At Mwangaza, we have digitized and standardized most of the records such as the church register making data retrieval much easier and efficent. The filing system has been structured in a systematic way allowing ease of data access.