Adventist Men Organization (AMO)

Leader Eld. John Aoko

Adventist Men Organization has been established primarily to promote programmes and activities designed to foster the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, health and physical well-being of students, working class, businessmen, professional men etc., to give them opportunities to understand the responsibilities of Adventist men and to engage them in evangelistic activities.


  • To provide spiritual strength and unity amongst men.
  • To guide, teach, counsel and mentor other men so they can become godly men, faithful fathers, loving husbands and leaders with integrity.


  • To have our matured men be committed and dedicated mentors for our young men.
  • To train our men to be effective priest loving   husbands and dedicated fathers at home.
  • To increase our respect and appreciation for our women.
  • To help all men and boys develop a richer and deeper relationship with God.