Ambassadors Club

Director Clinton Oyogo


Formerly known as Adventist Junior Youth Society (AJY), the Ambassadors Club has as its objectives the training of junior youth for Christian leadership, service and development of each individual to the fullest potential. In churches where there are church schools, the Ambassadors Club, forms part of the school curriculum, with the teacher as the leader of the club. While the teacher is leader or sponsor of the club, the students should lead out in the meetings. The student officers—including student leader, associate leader, secretary, treasurer, song leader, pianist and any other leadership responsibility the class may decide upon - are selected by the class in counsel with the teacher. Usually the officers serve from one month to one quarter in order to give all the students opportunity for leadership training and responsibility. Where there is no church school the club may be integrated into the youth ministry program of the church, or a separate Adventist Junior Youth Society may be conducted at an appropriate time.

Members of the Ambassadors club do learn and by God’s grace strive to follow the pledge, law and its ideals.