SDA Church Mwangaza

SDA Church Mwangaza was organized from Kayole SDA Church on 31st October 1998 by the Central Kenya Conference through Pastor Wilson Githinji. The first Pastor was Peter Njenga, with Elder Stephen Mutai being the first elder assisted by Eelder Isaac Nyakeri. Fred Opondo and Mary K. Omandi formed the nucleus of the newly organized Mwangaza Church.

The initial membership then, stood at 25 and they started by worshiping at Kayole Social Hall for a period of one year. Later on, by God’s grace, the land where the church currently stands was acquired and members moved there.

The first Sub-District Camp Meeting was held on Mwangaza Church ground in the month of August 2000, and it included Kayole, Tumaini, Soweto and Mwangaza churches.

Due to increase in membership, Kayole Sub-District was divided into two, that is, Kayole and Mwangaza Sub-Districts in the year 2009. The same year, Mwangaza, Soweto, Dhawabu and Sunshine churches came together to form Mwangaza Sub-District. In the year 2011, Mwangaza Church was granted its own Camp Meeting.

With the help of the Almighty God, Mwangaza Church has given rise to two churches namely,Thawabu and Sunshine.

At the begining of 2014, Mwangaza District was formed comprising of five churches, i.e. Mwangaza, Thawabu, Sunshine, Soweto and Baraka Soweto.

Our Mission

"We are committed, with the help of the Holy Spirit To:  Reach out to the lost; Edify the saved; Minister to those in need; Be a beacon of light in the community; and to Preach the gospel in the Context of the Three Angels message (Rev. 14-6-9).”

Our Vision

To connect the unconnected to Jesus and together grow in full devotion to Him.

Our Goal

As a church being guided by the power of the Holy Spirit, we aim to accomplish our goal through:

  • Caring Fellowship
  • Evangelism and outreach
  • Growth and maturity
  • Total member involvement and training